"Thank you very much for all of your efforts in taking us on as clients and bringing the accounts up to date so quickly and with such attention to detail. It's been a real pleasure to work with you and your team so far, particularly because you respond to questions very quickly and with detail, often avoiding the need to ask further questions."

In-Tuition Networks ‎ - October 2017

"I want to send a BIG thank you to Caroline Cole and team. For some time now, I was wrongly fined by HMRC for late filing of my tax returns. I'm so delighted that you pleaded on my behalf, and have successfully turned it around for me. I am overjoyed to see that HMRC have now sent me a full rebate. Thank you so much for all the work you did on my behalf, which is very much appreciated!!"

Richard Pedley‎ - September 2017

"I just want to say a huge, huge thank you to you and the whole team. I know doing my books as soon as the year ended was a big ask, and I truly appreciate it. I’d likely be in all sorts of trouble with HMRC without you, and definitely wouldn’t be at this stage of the house buying process so soon without you. I can’t thank you all enough!"

Paul Davis - Cross Stroke Limited - August 2017

"Just to leave a note of thanks to Caroline and her team, who in her absence as she was on holiday, skillfully and patiently dealt with me - giving me great tech...nical and legal advice to process and submit with first VAT return on time.

"Am having a great customer journey with Caroline and her team and highly recommend her company to other businesses in need of a good accountancy firm to support them."

Mina O'Brien - Ditzy Media - August 2017

"Starting out self-employed for the first time was scary. Caroline and the team at Savoir Faire helped me through the process as well as looking after my tax affairs. Knowing I had access to advice and support meant a lot. I can thoroughly recommend them."

Andrew Partington - Feb 2017

"Having spent over twenty years happily employed, I felt it was time for me to venture into the world of self-employment. Although excited by the prospect of running my own show, I was very aware that although I had previously been responsible for running successful businesses, I had a team of backroom staff who dealt with the day to day accounting, allowing me to focus on what I do best. I am delighted to say that Caroline and her colleagues at Savoir Faire Accounting have seamlessly stepped into this role, allowing me to again focus on what I do best, building a successful business. But this time, it’s being built by me, for me and my family! Caroline has been there every step of the way. From our very first meeting, her advice has been invaluable. She is always available to take my calls and nothing is too much trouble. Not only do I have every confidence in her experience, I truly believe she takes a genuine interest in my business and wants me to succeed. I look forward to many more successful years, with Caroline supporting me every step of the way! Thank you so much for all you have done so far."

Kieran James – K&C Services (Sussex) Ltd – November 2016

“You saved me a small fortune.”

R Cullen – June 2016

“I chose to appoint Caroline Cole at Savoir Faire as my accountant as she uses FreeAgent accounting platform, this meant that she had remote access to our system and when it came to submitting our Tax Return it was quick and easy. Caroline was also very knowledgeable and helpful, she checked every detail to ensure we received the Tax Refund due. I would highly recommend Caroline at Savoir Faire, especially if you are using FreeAgent.”

Helen Peckham – Hawkswood HR – June 2016

“Thank you for all your amazing help and support, not sure where I would be without you. Accountant of the millennium!!!”

S Simes – December 2015

"Savoir Faire Accounting have been there with us from the start of my business. From the very outset Caroline Cole has been informative, helpful, always available and extremely patient in providing me with invaluable guidance on accounting strategy from the company structure at set up through to end of year accounts from our first year’s trading. They always say that a good accountant should save you money - well, mine does, I’m quite sure. But more than that, Caroline’s skills and personable approach have taken the stress out of what would otherwise have been a daunting minefield of difficulties, ensuring that the business functions as profitably as possible from an accounting perspective and backing this up with personal tax advice and family tax planning. I’m sure that as she gets to understand my business better and how we work, she will offer advice on how to keep improving. I could not recommend her more highly and would encourage anyone to get her support with accounting issues - anything from the early steps onwards. "

Affinity Architects Limited – November 2015

"Caroline has been our company accountant since we formed three years ago and has been an excellent asset to our business from day one. This year we needed to simplify our income recording into one place and Nick has produced a management accounting tool for us to use which simplifies our whole process. This not only saves us time each week but will also help when reporting our figures to Caroline at the end of the year to produce the full accounts, as all the information she now needs is all in one place. I can also see at a glance how each adviser is performing and in what areas, plus I can see how the business as a whole is producing against its target. Thank you Nick!"

D Lyons – Lyons Finance Limited – May 2014

"Il y a un peu plus de deux ans, nous avons pris la décision de quitter la France pour nous établir en Angleterre afin d'y mener à bien un projet professionnel. Rapidement, nous avons 't' confrontés à un certain nombre de questions et de difficultés auxquelles il fallait trouver réponses et solutions. Une recherche sur internet nous a permis d'entrer en contact par mail et par téléphone avec Caroline COLE que nous avons choisie à cause de son excellent niveau de langue française. En effet, Caroline ayant réalisé une partie de ses études en France, elle parle notre langue avec aisance, même lorsqu'il s'agit de manipuler les termes techniques inhérents à son activité.

M. & Mme Fourny - La vie en Rose - January 2014

"Huge thanks to Caroline for your help this morning. I learnt so much more about my little businesses rules and regulations in a couple of hours than I ever would have done if I tried going it alone. If anyone else needs any help with their accounts, general start up, and lots more I can thoroughly recommend Caroline. Thanks again"

Sam Cuttell - May 2013

"We moved to the UK to set up our business here and Caroline has been critical in helping us through the transition period with local and international tax affairs as well as those relating to our complicated non domiciled status. I cannot recommend SF Accounting enough"

Paul de Villiers Bluebox Worldwide Limited - March 2013

“We have found Caroline to be a breath of fresh air to our once disorganised finances. Her expert advice has given us the confidence to restructure the business, simplifying our processes and ultimately, saving us money. Highly recommended, friendly service.”

Caroline Tradewell - The Secret Garden Eastbourne - August 2012

“I started my business in 2005 and had no idea where to start when sorting out my accounts and tax. Thanks to Caroline this has never been a problem, always happy to help and advise me whenever needed”

Vicki Horscroft - Driving Instructor - July 2012

“Caroline Cole has been my accountant (and friend) since I started my consultancy business 3 years ago. She has demonstrably saved me ten times her fees in tax and profit retention and given the best advice and service on tax, incorporation and dealing with regulators. I unreservedly recommend her services”

Colin Mitchell - Colin Mitchell Associates Limited - July 2012

“Savoir Faire Accounting do not fit the stereotype of boring accountants, instead they are enthusiastic, proactive and very approachable. The team are knowledgeable, always prompt to deal with matters and take the time to get to know their clients well.”

Fiona Hill - AFH Payroll Solutions Ltd- August 2012

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